With Treyki Auto, Arvento breaks new ground in the Consumer Telematics market

One of the global pioneers in vehicle telematics and fleet management, we are proud to make a difference in the sector with our brand new Treyki Auto by Arvento. 
Easy to deploy. You can easily mount Treyki Auto in your vehicle and never have to worry about your loved ones again -including your car. Treyki Auto offers 10 different modes to ensure a safe driving experience, plus you will never lose sight of your car as you can track it on your smart mobile, see trip history and monitor acceleration/deceleration, speed violation data and using 'Driver Safety Score' you can improve your driving habits as well as those of your loved ones. Here comes the valet, but no worries. Treyki will alert you the moment your car changes position. Just like it will remind you its maintenance cycles or pass a warning upon low batteries andengine failures alike.
Plug and Play. Treyki Auto is easily plugged in your car's OBD socket and together with the mobile app it shares all vehicle data with your mobile device 24/7.
Easy to use. Safer and fun. Treyki Auto.

You will no longer get concerned when you leave your car to the valet. Treyki Auto makes it possible for you to track your car from the moment you leave your keys to the valet and see where it has been parked. You can get an alert message if and when your car is moved out of your consent. This way, you stop getting concerned about your car and enjoy your dinner.

Do you often forget where you park your car? Thankfully, Treyki Auto has been equipped with the ‘Find My Car’ feature. With this feature, you can easily find the location of your car without losing time. *

The Park Mode will ease you wherever you are. You can track your car on the application when you get an alert message if and when your car is moved out of your consent.*

You can get a retrospective report of all the trips of your car. This enables you to track the trip history of your car including the date and locations of driving. 

Do you want to restrict the driving zone of your car? Thanks to the ‘Safe Zone’ feature, you can identify a predefined driving zone of your car whereby you will get warned by an alert message if and when it is moved out of this zone. 

Is your car driven as safe as it should be? You can get a report of the driving habits of yourself or your beloved ones including any information on sudden accelerations, right or left turns, or sudden breaks with a safe driving score assigned for these habits. This way, you can have a positive influence over your safe driving habits.

Safety matters to us all. You will get an instantaneous alert message if and when you or your beloved ones face a risky situation or in the event of a collision.

You can track the health status of your car by a service mode. You will get alerted by a message in case of battery or engine breakdown. You can also follow periodic maintenance requirements. 

You don’t have to be worried about your car when you are away. You will get an alert message if your car is towed. You can track the location of your car instantaneously or retrospectively.*

You can preset a speed limit on your car for the safety of your beloved ones. This way, you will get an alert message if and when the designated speed limit is exceeded.

* This feature is not usable in inaccessible areas such as closed garages or closed parking lots.