Professional Vehicle Tracking Package

More features, more comprehensive tracking

Looking for vehicle tracking solutions specific to your business and industry beyond standard tracking? 

Professional Vehicle Tracking Packages offer you perfect solutions: 

  • Set temperature levels and track temperature values
  • Monitor fuel level consumption
  • Track time and location of fuel lid opening/closing
  • Generate driver profiles by matching vehicles with drivers
  • Track time and location of vehicle door opening/closing
  • Protect your drivers by establishing an emergency support system
  • Make calls to your drivers if needed

Profesional Vehicle Tracking Package includes:

  • Vehicle Tracking Device
  • Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Software

  • Package Features

    In addition to the features offered in the standard package; 

    ● Ability to customize the system according to sector needs

    ● Driver and fleet performance analysis with detailed reports

    ● 360-degree fuel protection system

    ● Detailed fuel consumption reports

    ● Cold chain management 

    ● Monitoring inside and outside the vehicle with mobile camera systems

    ● Door alarms for product and delivery security

    ● Ability to connect additional sensors through several ports

    ● Instant alerts through the integrated motion sensor (G-Sensor) in case of an accident, unauthorized movement  or when the vehicle is towed away

    ● GPRS enabled remote firmware updates and parameter modifications 

    ● Tamper detection, GPS Jammer detection and other security features also included

    Advanced Software Applications

    Never lose track of your vehicles with Web/Desktop Software and mobile applications specifically designed and compatible with iOS, Android and Huawei devices.
    • Web-based Application
    • Desktop Application
    • Smartphone and Tablet Applications

    Arvento Web-based Application

    Arvento‘s easy-to-use web based interface, can be accessed with a user name and password from any internet enabled PC through simple interface enables users to access their vehicle tracking, fleet management and monitoring system with digital maps hosted on the web server.

    Arvento Desktop Application

    Once installed on the user’s PC, Arvento desktop solution allows the download of digital maps for offline use. As only the data from the devices is received via the Internet, it operates fast and effectively even with low bandwidth internet connections.

    Smartphone and Tablet Applications

    Vehicles can be monitored in real time on the digital maps with Arvento’s mobile applications specifically designed and compatible with iOS, Android and Huawei based devices. Users can easily access reports, get notifications, alerts and warning messages, and monitor vehicles through mobile applications.

    Licensed Digital Maps

    Detailed World maps on your screen

    Digital maps, integrated into Arvento’s software and applications, are updated throughout the subscription period at no additional charge. Furthermore, users can customize digital maps by adding key locations, such as office locations, POIs and more.

    Optional Sensors and Additional Units

    Add extra features to your system with optional sensors and additional units  compatible with imt.14 Vehicle Tracking Device:

    Mobile NVR-DVR

    Mobile NVR-DVR is a functional Mobile Digital Video Recorder, specifically designed for vehicle video surveillance and remote monitoring. This unit enables on-line access to audio-visual recordings. Previously captured images are stored and can be downloaded to be viewed when required. 

    Driver Identification Units

    The units enable users to monitor distance travelled and hours driven by a particular driver. The drivers insert their special identification card or use the special buttons or passwords to operate the unit.

    Temperature Sensor

    Temperature sensor makes regular reporting and trend analysis of temperature data and sends out a  notification each time temperature goes below or above pre-defined limits.

    Humidity Sensor

    Humidity sensor regularly measures and reports humidity levels at any place of interest. When the values drop below or rise above the pre-defined levels, users get immediate notifications.

    Fuel Tank Safety Sensors

    Sensors on fuel tank lids  monitor lid opening times at each location and send an  alert when the lid is opened within areas defined for fuel  siphoning.

    Fuel Level Sensor

    The sensor on the external fuel tanks of trucks monitors fuel level and consumption and sends a  warning message in case of any sudden increase or decrease in the fuel level. Current and previous data of the fuel tank level can be monitored anytime.

    Emergency Pedal and Button

    Drivers press the emergency pedal or button in case of an emergency and send a  warning message to the control centre and associated mobile phones.

    Door Sensor

    The sensor mounted on the doors enables the monitoring of door opening/closing times in regard to time and location. An alert is sent whenever a door is opened or closed.

    Trailer Tracking Sensor

    The sensor enables users to monitor which trailer is attached to/detached from which trailer truck, the time and place of attachment/detachment and the total distance taken by a particular trailer.